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* Want to print out any of the pages on the website? You might find this information useful! *

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Interested in obtaining a printout of any of the pages of this site, like the Biography or Concert Dates?? Then you will almost certainly find the information on this page useful and informative!

All the pages on this website have been tweaked and adjusted to make them print out in an organised and nicely formatted way, like the example underneath.

On the left side of this page are the EXACT settings that I recommend using to obtain perfect printouts. Important things to note are NOT to cancel/delete any Headers and Footers and to alter the settings in the Left/Right and Top/Bottom boxes {although the 19.05mm Margin Sizes used are the 'default' options for most printers, so in most cases shouldn't need to be adjusted?!}!

{Go to >> File >> Page Setup to access settings}

Exact settings used to obtain accurate print outs
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